What I'm doing now

Building Quarva

Quarva is the kind of company I've wanted to create for most of my career. Part consultancy, part product studio with an emphasis on doing the best we can to make sure we leave the world better than we found it.

It's still early days, but I like the way things are moving.

Settling in to Singapore

I deeply love Hong Kong, but the lifestyle is intense in a way that's difficult to appereciate until you've experienced it. Living that way for the better part of a decade simply burnt me out.

With that in mind, I started splitting time between Hong Kong and Singapore last summer. I'd never really gotten to know the city on my brief trips here, and as I thought about what my next steps in life could be I wanted to change that.

Then a global pandemic happened. Travel restrictions made my temporary move somewhat more permanent, so I'm settling in and trying to find the balance between what Derek Sivers would call the local vs. global mindsets.

My heart is still in Hong Kong, but for now I'm calling Singapore home.

Last updated September 2020